Fable 2

Tuesday 13 June 2006
Atrailer is all anyone has seen of Fable 2 outside of Lionhead's studios - a tease, a hint, a sample clip devoid of the in-game footage or solid info we hoped for. But at leastthe gamecan finally be taken off the 'highly probable' pile and slapped into 'coming soon'.

The details are still scarce but, set 300 years after the original, this sequel again promises a changed and growing world where moral choices once again decide your path. And guns. Yes, guns.

But that surprise is nowt compared to what came next when Sir Peter of Molyneux, famed almost as much for his gaping gob as his game design, said: "I've learned my lesson not to blow my mouth off every time I think of an idea". Which is a comment that will please anyone who remembers how Lionhead's boss made some staggering promises for the original that were unlikely to be included even if it were coded by God.

Above: How close will the finished game look to this CG footage? Time will tell