Extinction gameplay shows new Call of Duty Ghosts mode

The video above features an extended look at Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new four-player horde mode, courtesy of GameSpot. It features a load of fresh gameplay footage, plus insight from developers at Neversoft and Infinity Ward, who discuss the creation of the recently revealed alien-blasting co-op mode.

Neversoft project director Brian Bright says: "Early on we knew we wanted to have more three dimensional gameplay, with aliens jumping above you, climbing on walls, doing interesting traversals and just attacking from different directions, so that was a fairly major overhaul for the Call of Duty engine. It took about four to six months to get all the pieces in place so that our scripters could move on to the game design. We really wanted to have a focus on base defence mixed with survival wave defence as well as scavenging and class levelling."

The Call of Duty Ghosts release date is next Tuesday, November 5.