Exclusively enchanted 360

Not everyone wants to run around in a persistent online world populated by elves and dragons and other people asking to borrow money all the time. Some of us would like to play a fantasy RPG without all the pesky socializing and group dynamics that massively multiplayer games like Final Fantasy XI foist upon us - and we'd like to do it all by ourselves.

Enter Enchanted Arms, a role-playing game in the classic tradition of gargantuan single-player Japanese epics like Final Fantasy (before it went all group hug on us). Providing some 50 hours of cinematically enthralling gameplay and a host of characters, Enchanted Arms tells the tale of a young enchanter named Atsuma who is vaulted into hero-dom. Featuring over 75 unlockable player-controlled creatures, you have to forge young Atsuma into a devastating wielder of both physical and magical weapons.

As the first Japanese RPG developed specifically for the Xbox 360 (in fact, it was released there about six months ago), Enchanted Arms will reach our shores this summer.

May 2, 2006