Exclusive trailer for Phonopolis appears at the Future Games Show powered with Mana

Fans of intriguing indie games will be excited to see the new and exclusive trailer for Amanita Design's Phonopolis that was revealed at the Future Games Show powered by Mana. The dystopian tale is the latest project from the studio that gave us Samorost series, Machinarium and Creaks, combining a charming visual style with a dark subject matter.

"The Leader, now a factual dictator of the city of Phonopolis, might have had good intentions in the past. Aiming to create a perfectly happy society, he invented a system of loudspeakers and subliminal orders that were meant to drive the people to perfection," explains game director Petr Filipovič. 

"But ultimately, the people have turned into mindless servants, mere cogs in an artificially shaped society – a machinery."

The unusual art design is Amanita's Design's first foray into 3D graphics, and the city is built of real corrugated fiberboard.

"Even though the game is being developed within a 3D engine, we’re still hand-crafting as many assets as we can. All textures are painted on cardboard, cut-out, digitized, and placed on its respective 3D model," added technical artist Oto Dostál.

"We would love for our game to feel less like a piece of software and more like a hand-crafted little universe that hopefully retains some of the warmth of human touch."

Amanita Design's Phonopolis doesn't have a release date yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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