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Excite Truck review

Fast, fun and forgotten in a year

The mechanics make the game sound fun, but in the end it's always going to be the control that decides whether the experience is fun or not. As a tech demo for Wii's sensitivity, Excite Truck nails it. After a brief learning curve, we had no trouble at all tearing around corners, flipping the trucks in midair or slamming into other drivers for extra stars. Titling the remote forward and backward also factors in, leveling off your truck as it glides towards the treacherous ground below.

As balls-to-the-wall as the racing is, there's still something to harp about with the visuals. Yeah, we get it, Wii's not about graphics - for what it's worth, they're fine. What's not so cool is the fact that the insane speed starts slopping up and chugging when there's a lot happening on the screen.

The only reason we bring it up is its effect on gameplay. When you're ramping off of huge hills, essentially trying to thread a needle in between two palm trees below, you need things to be smooth. Once everything stars choking, that's hard to do. The whole game should just run cleaner.

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DescriptionMud-flingin' racing that borrows a classic name. This isn't much to look at, but the motion-sensing controls might make the speed come alive.
US censor ratingEveryone