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Evolve to add Observer mode for easy streaming

Evolve (opens in new tab) hasn't been shy about courting the eSports market, but up until now spectating and commentating on matches have been a pretty involved production - assuming you want to be able to follow the match from more than one perspective, anyway.

Thankfully, Turtle Rock has announced it plans to bring Observer mode to the game, adding an easy method for a neutral party to sit in and watch/commentate Evolve's 4v1 matches.

Observer Mode will be available on custom matches via the Hunter/Monster selection screen. Once the observer is in the game, they can swap between a third-person view of each hunter and the monster, or make use of extra options like a customizable HUD and optional character highlights for better visibility. The observer can even follow alien space dog Daisy, assuming somebody's playing as her owner Maggie.

Turtle Rock says the observer update will roll out soon at no extra cost to players.

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