Every big Resident Evil 7 detail (weapons, plot, final boss, and more) has leaked - beware of spoilers

For those of you who just can't wait for - or have too weak a heart to play through - Resident Evil 7 (opens in new tab), a treasure trove of leaked details lies ahead. To the rest of you: turn back now, because this is a level-by-level breakdown of what's coming. Seriously, last chance. Spoilers. Big ones. Bigger than this image that I'm posting so you don't accidentally see something you don't want to see.

Reddit (opens in new tab) user Im_a_Fucking_Cereal (Can we publish that name? Too late now I suppose.) is being credited with the original datamine, though many others have stepped forward to add to his/her considerable list of discoveries. It's all been collated over on NeoGAF (opens in new tab), so let's go over what's been dug up:


We knew that, despite the shift from third to first-person, RE7 would have combat with multiple types of weapons. If the datamine is correct, we now know every single weapon in the game. They are:



There's also a large number of what appear to be context-sensitive instructions on how to use certain objects or abilities. These may be categorized as "tutorials," but many seem more like tips that will appear mid or late game, so don't go thinking you're going to know how to "glasses/tattoo ethan" right away (whatever that means):

View point
Open door
Use recovery item
Weapon attack
Use serum
Use stabilizer
Use steroid
Detail search
Get serum
Choose mia
Choose zoe
Light on/off
Glasses/tattoo Ethan
Glasses/tattoo Clancy

The plot

It's amazing how much can be deciphered from simple command strings like "SND_MOT_EVENT_CHP1_PL_SE_1ST_WALL_HIT," "SND_MOT_EVENT_CHP1_PL_SE_1ST_PULL_KNIFE," "SND_MOT_EVENT_CHP1_PL_SE_2ND_PULL_AX". Reddit user Temp89 extracted (opens in new tab) what is basically the entire game (in code form) and NeoGAF user Jawmuncher has posted a translation (opens in new tab) of what this means in plain English.
If Temp89 and Jawmuncher's combined efforts are correct, this is the entire game's plot. Read at your own spoiled experience.

-You enter a building on the plantation through a backdoor.
-You quickly meet Mia, but she's imprisoned in the basement of the building.
-You work to try to get her out, but you begin to meet the Molded and fight for survival as you solve puzzles.
-You get a phone call and meet Zoe, who claims she wants to help you.
-You work some fuses and get a chain cutter, and go to save Mia, but in the process your arm gets cut. Unsure what cuts it.
-You try to care for your hand, and get back to Mia.
-You break Mia out and you two work to try to escape.
-While escaping you black out from your cut.
-You wake up and look for Mia, open new areas with items obtained.
-You meet up with Mia but she gets kidnapped (Unsure, but I think by Lucas).
-You try to fight the kidnapper in a few different areas as you give chase. You follow up a stairwell but get knocked out.

-You wake up to the dinner scene.
-You get a key to go under the floorboards and enter the washroom (a save room with a phone).
-You try to find a way out and while doing so a knock comes from a window and you meet a police officer.
-To try and help you defend yourself, the police officer gives you a knife.
-You turn the breaker on and open a sealed garage switch to enter the garage.

-You enter the main hall of the Main Building of the Plantation. See thematic locked doors, and the way out of this house is with three dog crests.
-Main bit of chapter is exploring the house, getting crests and keys, you encounter Jack & the Molded, and do so as you explore.
-There's optional content in this chapter, such as an ability for you to get a shotgun.
-Lots of room names you explore while doing this, like Freezer, Taxidermy Room, Workshop, and such.
-To get the last crest you need to fight Jack a second time for the second boss battle as he comes at you with a chainsaw.
-With all crests, you can finish exploring or leave to the next area.

-You go outside to the grounds of the plantation, and find a Trailer, which is used as a shop in the game.
-You go down a boardwalk to the fourth main setting of the game, the Greenhouse.
-Inside you encounter Marguerite and a room where Mia was captured by Marguerite. You go to try and free her in the Greenhouse.
-There are two notable scenes here. The first is the "Insect Fall" battle. Sounds like a bunch of insects begin to crawl over the ceiling to drop on you and crawl through holes and you have to fight them back.
-Second scene is the "Insect Hole". It seems you are dropped down a well and then need to escape the well, which is crawling with enemy insects.
-Then a third boss battle against Marguerite, labelled as "Long Hand Marguerite" battle.
-You get the lantern that she drops and with it can solve a new puzzle of the area.
-You get something called the "Eveline Arm".
-You get a phone call (you get several but most aren't objectives an optional) apparently from Lucas.-You do Shadow Puzzles with the lantern and objects you find around the Greenhouse to open up secret passages around the building. You also get keys and open p some areas in the previous area.
-As you go to leave Greenhouse, Marguerite comes back as "Long Haired Marguerite" as they call it, and begins to sweep you with insects and trying to prevent you from escaping.
-But you eventually escape.

-You go back to the Main House again and a lot of new areas are openable, including a child room, and Lucas begins to play with you. Lucas seems to have the whole thing set-up where he can monitor the place and has a control room where he watches you.
-You explore and open up more, but then Lucas plays his cards to release new types of Molded to rush you down so as you do a new puzzle set to unlock a new area new types of Molded enter the picture.
-There's some timed event, it's not specific but there's a lot of objectives like "Wait 10 seconds." "wait 20 seconds," "wait 13 seconds", which are probably related to something.
-After surviving Lucas' games, you enter a new area of his main forray. It's apparently a super dark place and light plays a big role.
-Apparently a big puzzle in the area involving a Birthday Cake Room, valves, Candles, and the like.
-Apparently Lucas has a weird love of childish games and so lots of weird puzzles, including something about a cake bomb, something about beds, and creepy puppets.
-Of note it seems during this section of the game, Zoe's phone calls get replaced by Lucas calls, as you go through his ordeals.
-Eventually manage to escape through to the backyard.

-You go through the woods and approach a nearby river and enter a boat house.
-Inside Zoe has been captured and apparently infected with something as you need to help get her materials to make a serum.
-You board a beached boat on the shore by the pier to get what's needed.
-Jack is around this area as he attacks. And we enter our fourth boss battle here. The Battle is against what's called "Mukade Jack". A Mukade is a type of centipede with many legs, so it seems like Jack has mutated into some centipede monster at this point.
-You get keys to open up different parts of the ship and apparently also with traps.
-Apparently somewhere in this you also get an Evelin Head.
-You get into the final battle with Jack as he further mutates for the fifth boss battle.
-Jack in his dying moments goes to destroy the boat to take you with him.
-You go back to the pier and seems a big choice event occurs in the game that changes the rest of the game for you. The full details aren't made clear, but you either have to choose Mia or choose Zoe.
-The chapter ends with an escape sequence from the boat with who I assume is the person who choose to escape with as the boat explodes.
-Notably the file makes it seem like you save Mia no matter what, seems if you try to save Zoe she complains and refuses (there's even a "Zoe Complain" event around this period of events).

-It seems in this chapter you play as Mia.
-This chapter plays with a combination of you getting Ethan to safety then exploring and surviving the area, and apparently flashback scenarios. There's also a character named Eveline here (I see them use both the spelling Eveline AND Evelyn in the code).
-Chapter has you starting up an elevator, it seems you go into some sort of industrial plant/lab. Need to get fuses and repair something, and probably not alone, but are some flashback scene mentions and something called "Mia Head Mode".

-Seems in this chapter we head to some caves, a mine of some sort.
-There's a side-quest in this chapter to open up a locker with a machinegun in it.
-Hard to piece together, but it seems something happens to Mia and she becomes an enemy in this chapter. Mentions of "Mia Enemy", "Mia Battle", and stuff of the sort.
-Seems Eveline is around here too, and as you go deeper into the mines you enter some other living area, mentions of a study, a "spiral room", and Enecrotoxin.
-There's a boss here but not clear what it is.

-Seems this chapter has you go through a series of things to the climax, seems you deal with things. There are five main events in this chapter. The first three are labelled "FB 1-3", which I would assume stands for final boss 1-3. Then comes a stage known as "Evelyn's Anger" (is there any reason it keeps swapping between the two spellings? Are they two separate characters?).
-After this, you start the actual final boss battle, which mentions a gun case drops at some point for you to use. and you get a gun labeled Albert.
-There is a branching event and more than one ending apparently.
-Ending plays, then the credits roll.
-Epilogue scene after credits.

Who is Albert?

Several items in the game have the word "Albert" as part of their filename. Right about now, several of you are probably freaking out over whether this means the return of one of the RE series' biggest bad guys, Albert Wesker. However, there is no NPC with that name, or any indication Wesker is in the game.

One theory is that the items - such as "Handgun_Albert_Reward" and "Shotgun_Albert" are simply the former STARS officer's weapons. Another theory - and one I personally find far more intriguing - is that this refers to the return of Al Lester, from the PS2 game Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

Lester, AKA Axe Man, lived his life in service to a plant that had consumed his dead wife's body - who at the time contained a version of the T-Virus within her cells. This caused both the plant and Lester to mutate, the former turning into something akin to Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors, and the latter to become an immortal serial killer.

Now, go back and watch some of the first footage we ever saw of Resident Evil 7:

Sure is a lot of plant-like growth imagery, isn't there? Add in the fact that some of RE7's enemies are referred to as "molded" and also look particularly plant-like…

And you have a very intriguing theory on your hands.

Even with all of this information, there's still pieces of the puzzle missing. Plus, you don't really get a good sense of adventure reading "epilogue scene after credits." So if RE7 was on your radar before this leak, I'd encourage you to still look forward to it.

Just maybe stay away from certain articles and corners of the internet if you're afraid of further spoilers.

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