Everquest II gets wings, finds free-to-play success

Now you too can soar the skies of Norrath in EverQuest II thanks to the introduction of Pegasus Feather and Nightmare Flight Wings—and here's Sony Online Entertainment's latest trailer to show you how!

Speaking of taking flight (and lazy seques), SOE reported EverQuest II's switch to a free-to-play model has resulted in a surge of business for the fantasy MMO. New player registrations have jumped by over 300%, bumping daily logins by 40%, and causing a 200% increase in in-game item sales following the implementation of a multi-level pricing plan for free and subscription-based players.

"Plus we have added a lot of new subscriptions," said SOE boss John Smedley in a statement to press, adding, "All during the time that some really good competition hit the market."

EverQuest II adopted a free-to-play model in early December 2011, and arrived with the game's latest update, Freeport Reborn; and it's eighth expansion, Age of Discovery.

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