Euro PS3 sales spank 360 2-to-1

Oct 23, 2007

Xbox 360 was outsold last week by everything except Game Boy as PS3 sales make a charge for Wii's typically huge lead.

This follows theSeptember 360 rush, as gamers eager to snap up some Halo 3 action pushed sales of Microsoft's console above that of Wii.

But on the week ending 21 October, European 360 sales settled at 37,000 - bottom of the current-generation list by a fair shot.

Meanwhile, hererecent PS3 price cuts, which saw the launch of a cut-down 40GB PS3 for £299 and the 60GB model slashed to £349, has launched PS3 sales to abit over 64,000 in the same week, falling just 6,000 sales short of Wii.

There's still no contest for DS though, which sold 171,000 in Europe last week according toVGChartz figures, and will surely soon outnumber humans on the planet.

Here are the hardware figures for Europe for the week ending 21 Oct:

DS: 171,260

Wii: 70,322

PS3: 64,087

PS2: 57,152

PSP: 54,449

360: 37,303

GBA: 2,2861

Total: 456,859

Courtesy of CVG