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Etrian Odyssey review

Not your typical Japanese RPG...

The labyrinth is massive, spanning well over 25 floors. You’re able to map the dungeon on the DS’s touch screen, making note of doors, traps, and other points of interest as you go along. There are also a few particularly nasty beasts called FOEs that roam the labyrinth. Some need to be beaten, some are optional, and still others are dangerous enough that you’ll need to avoid them altogether. Even the regular enemies in EO can pack a punch, and if you carelessly waste resources fighting them, you’ll be mincemeat for a powerful FOE. Making things more perilous is the lack of save points, or even a quicksave feature. When your party is hurting and low on supplies, you’ll want to come up to the surface ASAP, since town is the only place to save the game. There’s nothing as nerve-wracking as trying to hightail it back to the inn with 3 dead party members and a FOE in pursuit.

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GenreRole Playing
DescriptionAn archetypical RPG offering the usual bells and whistles, with a map creation feature for all you aspiring cartographers out there.
US censor ratingRating Pending