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Eternals - The Undying special introduces Thanos' "omnigenocidal" great uncle

Eternals: The Undying #1 cover
Eternals: The Undying #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the lead-up and aftermath of the release of Marvel Studios' Eternals, Marvel Comics and writer Kieron Gillen have been releasing a series of Eternals specials alongside the ongoing series Gillen writes with artist Esad Ribić. 

The newest one-shot will go on sale in February 2022 and is Eternals: The Undying, with art by Ryan Bodenheim and a cover by Andrea Sorrentino. 

According to, who broke news of the special, the one-shot delves deeper into Thanos' upcoming new role as leader of the Eternals. 

Yes, you read that right. If you're more of an MCU fan or a Marvel Comics reader not reading the Eternals at the moment, Thanos (a Deviant in the Marvel comic book universe) will soon become the leader of the Eternals. 

Eternals: The Undying focuses on Uranos, the Undying, described as Thanos' "Omnigenocidal Great Uncle," even "more horrific" than him, and the worst leader the Eternals has ever seen. 

Eternals: The Undying #1 cover by Andrea Sorrentino (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The official synopsis describes Thanos as evil but describes Uranos as the "original evil" from whom all Eternals descend. 

Remember, the Eternals comic book origins differ somewhat from their big-screen counterparts. 

"For a second, try and have sympathy with Thanos." Gillen wrying says in a statement about the special. "He was born on Titan, to a family which he loathes and has nothing in common with. In our run, he arrives on Earth, and meets the rest of his extended family... and discovers that it's the same thing, all over again."

"How depressing for Thanos," the statement continues. "And then he discovers... Uranos the Undying, Omnigenocidal Great Uncle, the rotting monstrous tree which Thanos' apple barely fell from, proof that perhaps this capacity of horror does skip a generation. So it's a happy ending for Thanos, really. Unhappy for everyone else, admittedly, but you can't have everything. This is a story about some of the darkest periods in the Eternals saga, as two of the worst people in the Marvel Universe get to know each other. Less Meet Cute, more Meet Execute."

Look for Marvel's full February 2022 solicitations later this month on Newsarama. 

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