Epic Mickey: How to squeeze EIGHTY years into ONE game

I’ve statedoverandover againhow much I love Epic Mickey and the reverence it shows to the legacy of the single greatest animation powerhouses the world has ever known. I’m only a couple hours intothe game for review, yet I’ve found myself incredibly curious about what exactly was Junction Point’s criteria for the characters and references included in the game. I mean, when you’re drawing from EIGHT DECADES of forgotten cartoon characters and Disneyland attractions, how do you definewhat makes the cut?

Warren Spector and his team elaborate on the choices made while culling from the remarkably well-preserved Disney Archives in the video above, and it almost makes me glad I wasn’t anywhere near the process. It all seems like a little too much pressure for this Disney dork... I mean, how could I decide between a Horace Horsecollar, or a Roger Rabbit, or a Gizmoduck, or a Captain Nemo?! I move that I could not, and I’d be fired swiftly. And probably continue to make crude photo collages like the one below.

Nov 23, 2010