ENDLESS Space 2 Stories comes to print for the first time

Endless Space 2 Stories cover art
Endless Space 2 Stories cover art (Image credit: Titan Comics / Amplitude Studios)

Titans Comics and game developer Amplitude Studios are bringing comic book stories set in the ENDLESS™ Universe and based on the strategy PC video game ENDLESS™ Space 2 as a complete print collection in February 2023, the first time the comics will be in print after originally being published digitally through Steam and Games2Gether. 

a page from Endless Space 2 Stories (Image credit: Titan Comics / Amplitude Studios)

In 2017's ENDLESS Space 2, players choose from 12 different factions that operate within the ENDLESS Universe galaxy, a "cosmos abandoned by a god-like ancient civilization, scattered with mystical ruins, powerful artifacts and a mysterious, near-magical substance known as Dust."

The comics were written by Amplitude Studios' narrative Director Jeff Spock, lead writer Stephen Gaskell, and Jeremy Sim, and illustrated by Denis Medri, Yoon Seong Park, Oliver Moreno, and Max Raynor.

ENDLESS Space 2 Stories tells a variety of stories from around the ENDLESS Universe designed to show its heart and follows the heroes of the games' aforementioned factions as they grapple for power in a fractured galaxy. They include the resilient, nomadic Vaulters and the peaceful, tech-curious Sophons.

Endless Space 2 Stories cover (Image credit: Titan Comics / Amplitude Studios)

"It will be amazing to finally see our ENDLESS Space 2 comics in a format that you can hold and feel. Ever since we completed the final chapter, the Nakalim, we have dreamed of bundling the stories together in a collection with sketches and art that has never been seen outside the studio," says Jeff Spock. "It was a fantastic project to work on, and we can’t wait for the ENDLESS Space 2 Stories collection to be in the hands of our community and comic book enthusiasts.

ENDLESS Space 2 Stories will go on sale  February 8th, 2023 in comic shops and bookstores.

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