Elemental: Fallen Enchantress prepares to move out of beta with new reveal trailer

Here's the intro trailer for Elemental: The Fallen Enchantress, Stardock's follow-up to its 2010 fantasy-strategy Elemental: The War of Magic. Billed as “strategy in an RPG world,” the game continues its predecessor's tactic of using a classic role-play setup as the basis for a turn-based strategy in the vein of the company's own Galactic Civilizations. Only, you know, with spells and dragons where the computers and spaceships would otherwise go.

We'll be getting a look at Elemental: The Fallen Enchantress soon and are looking forward to bringing you our impressions of the title, which is currently in beta. The game's not dated yet, but Stardock is taking preorders and running a promotion whereby owners of War of Magic can get a discount on the sequel. The Elemental site is also filling up fast with plenty of lore and background info for players to digest while awaiting more details on the title.