Eidos announce new online arcade racer for PS2 and Xbox

Further to the which revealed that Eidos were working on a game called Crash 'n' Burn, the company has today officially confirmed the first details of their new arcade racer.

Due for release on PS2 and Xbox in the autumn, the game is currently being developed for Eidos by Climax's Brighton studio, which specialises in driving games and has previously coded the MotoGP and ATV Quad Power Racing series.

According to Eidos, the game's focus is on "aggressive and dangerous driving" and will be centred around online support for up to 16 players, marking Eidos' first online console game.

"The driving genre has become very predictable and conservative over recent years and creating a new brand has given us the opportunity to understand what made us love vehicle-based games in the first place," reckons Climax managing director Tony Beckwith. "We've been able to use the technology and expertise gained from driving games like the MotoGP series to allow us to focus strongly on gameplay and we think the results are going to resonate with gamers."

The game will be playable at next month's E3 games extravaganza, so we should have a better idea then of just how much resonating it's capable of.

Crash 'n' Burn will be released for PS2 and Xbox in the autumn