Edgar Wright reacts to Grindhouse news

It’s the moment any UK film fan worth their salt has been waiting for – Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse shown in its full-on, fuck-off glory. You may have enjoyed Death Proof and Planet Terror on their tod, but their sum is greater than their parts, or something.

And don’t just take our word for it either. Here’s Edgar Wright of Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Grindhouse trailer fame to sell you the experience, showing at London’s Prince Charles Theatre on 8 March 2007 and available for cinemas to book from 28 March 2007.

“See it as it was intended to be, with the trailers, ads, animations – get an idea of what the original point of the exercise was,” says Wright, on the blower having just watched the new trailer for Indy (“I’m excited!”). “Also Quentin and Robert wanted to recreate that value for money experience and Grindhouse couldn’t be a better value for money ticket price! It was intended as a cult film, so seek it out once the buzz begins.”

Tickets for Grindhouse’s UK bow are available from the Prince Charles site, but, Total Film wonders, why has this old hat cinema been chosen for the viewing, rather than a sparkling boxfresh multiplexer? “The Prince Charles is the perfect location and Grindhouse was born to be shown there,” explains Wright.

“It has an atmosphere lacking in other London cinemas, it’s an old fashioned picture house. It may not have the best seats, or sound system but that doesn’t matter as it’s close to a vintage movie experience, with the snap, crackle and pop of 35mm projection.”

Wright will be present to introduce the movie (“not a very long intro, as my contribution is only 90 seconds long!) and he implores you fine Brits to spend your Saturday night in his company. “Regardless of what happened commercially, Grindhouse was a hit on its opening Friday night in the States. It was my favourite movie going experience of last year.” Seriously guys, he’s right. Get involved.

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