EA to uphold free Battlefield 1943 offer for Battlefield 3 PS3 owners

EA has agreed to make good on its word to include a free digital copy of Battlefield 1943 inside every package of Battlefield 3 for the PS3 after suffering the slings and arrows of fan backlash for failing to do so upon launch.

Attempting to do right by its consumers, EA has posted instructions on how to digitally obtain Battlefield 1943 on PSN in the coming weeks. According to its promotional website, Battlefield 1943 will be downloadable for free with a web voucher in the UK on November 26, in North America on December 10, and in Asia and Japan on December 17.

EA originally told crowds at E3 to expect the free game with the Battlefield sequel when it arrived in October. Later, when the company announced via Twitter is was replacing it with early access to BF3 DLC, jilted PS3 owners took their frustrations to the internet, going so far as taking EA to court over its alleged bait-and-switch tactics.

Better late than never, right?

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