EA supporting Blackberry's Playbook tablet

One of the nice things about being a company as huge as EA is that you can throw support to pretty much every new gaming platform. It was one of the first major publishers to ever put video games on an iPod, and has since developed titles for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and even Amazon's Kindle. Now it's throwing some products the way of the upcoming Blackberry tablet, the Playbook.

They won't be new games, but rather re-coded versions of mobile games the company has already put out on other platforms. Specifically, Need for Speed Undercover and Tetris will be made for the new tablet device.

"Bringing these games to the BlackBerry Playbook is an exciting way for EA to deliver exciting experiences to more consumers on a brand new device. The quality built into EA's games showcases the BlackBerry Playbook's performance and appeals to a wide audience of consumers," said EA Mobile VP Travis Boatman in a statement.

The Playbook is seen as a make-or-break product for Research in Motion, the company behind the Blackberry brand. Blackberry has seen significant decreases in its mobile market share due to increased popularity of iPhone and Android. The Playbook, which is powered by a different operating system than standard Blackberry devices, is RIM's big chance to start making a comeback.

Feb 11, 2011