EA cautious not to rush into Wii

Ubisoft admitted last week that its early rush to release titles on Wii, many of which were ports of one-year-old games from other consoles, was a mistake, but EA assures that it will be more selective of the games it brings to Nintendo's motion-sensing console.

"You're not going to see every [EA] franchise taken to the Wii," Electronic Arts worldwide studios COO John Schappert told Wired News.

He went on to declare: "Rather than bring the entire portfolio of titles, some of which won't translate well, we're taking those dollars and making original software."

And we all know that, being the biggest third party publisher in the world, "dollars" aren't something that EA's short of, so we'll hopefully be seeing loads oftop qualityoriginal games for Wii following its interesting looking MySims effort, which is due later this year.

June 6, 2007