E3 World First: Eye-melting new Metal Gear Solid 4 screens

By the time you read this, Konami will have shown the new Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots trailer to a select group of Western media. GamesRadar was privileged to get an early peek at some glorious high-res stills from it, and got the go-ahead from series creator Hideo Kojima to give them to you before anyone else.

The setting isn’t very different from the original MGS4 trailer debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2005, but the increase in visual quality is definitely noticeable. The trailer also provides a first look at the PS3 versions of most of the game’s pivotal cast members. Otacon looks much like he did in the TGS teaser, and we finally get to see Solid Snake’s old flame from MGS1, Meryl Silverburgh, back in action. Colonel Roy Campbell, Dr. Naomi Hunter and Revolver Ocelot/Liquid Snake are also accounted for.