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E3 2010: The banners of E3

It’s sort of strange for a nerd to take in, but a lot of downtown LA just seems to be chugging along as if they had no idea E3 existed. Apparently, there’s also some event going down right next door involving the “National Basketball Association?” I kinda want to smack everyone I’ve seen in a Lakers Jersey and scream “Look around, you fool!” Seriously, everything within a mile radius is draped in gameraphernalia the likes of which you can’t see anywhere else.

Above: This Changes Everything? Yes, all three consoles now have controls core gamers will largely ignore

Above: Simple, elegant, and that logo really makes me hope the game goes out with no number or subtitle

Above: The massive AC: Brotherhood banner could turn any NFL stadium into a kickass trampoline

Above: Henceforth known as Activision's Blops!

Above: Where else but E3 would youhype a game that doesn't come out for a year?

Above: Looks as if the banner Future Soldier wasraised by Tom Clancy’s personal stash of Frog Men

Above: Mickey-rection

Above: Future: REPRESENT!

Above: Oh, and stop by Future's booth and say hello, wontcha big boy?

Jun 13, 2010