E3 2010: Sonic Colors first impressions

Seriously, though: F*** the Werehog fromSonic Unleashed. That platform padding sullied what was otherwise a pretty great game. Thankfully, everything we genuinely liked about Sonic Unleashed – the running, homing dashes, and glorious sense of speed – has been retained in a 3D game much closer to the hedgehog you know and love.

Above: Liberating those white creatures builds your boost

But the colors, children. The colors! Get to know your Wisps. They’re the alien race Eggman’s put in jeopardy with his tyrannical feat of interstellar architecture AND they’re also the creatures that will endow Sonic with special abilities. Before you moan and groan, thanks to the still-burning pain from stretchy wolf arms, know that every ability preserves Sonic’s innate sense of speed. We only got to see two color powers/Wisps in action, but they look like pretty promising gameplay enhancements.

Above: Cyan powers: ACTIVATE!

The Cyan Wisp turned Sonic into a lightning fast wreaking ball, sort of like a spin dash you can point in any direction. Ricochet off a wall, plow though enemies, and connect yourself to color-corresponding crystals that can take Sonic to new heights. The Yellow power-up put Knuckle’s burrowing prowess to shame and shot Sonic underground like a torpedo to collect rings and visit areas that are otherwise unreachable. Speaking of torpedoes, we didn’t get to play an underwater level, but we’re told that the yellow power up will also remedy Sonic’s water weakness.

We don’t blame you if you don’t believe us, but Sonic Colors did pretty well by us. And if that doesn’t do it for old schoolers, it’s not like you don’t haveSonic 4to look forward to. Oh! While we didn’t get to play it, we’re told the DS version of Sonic Colors is similar to Sonic Rush! Wow… 2010 turning into a great year to be a Sonic fan.

Above: Yum!

Jun 16,2010