E3 07: Official UK PlayStation mag blog, day one

This so very nearly didn't happen. Seven hours ago I was sat in a holding a room at LAX airport awaiting a "secondary interview" with the laugh-a-minute lads at US customs. (Sitting there, panicking, trying not to look like I was panicking, I pictured the cheeriest of the guards approaching a parked 747 and knocking out its wing lights with his nightstick saying "that's a violation right there.") At that point the only thing I thought I'd get to write about E3 would be a letter to the British consulate requesting a chisel flavored cake. But having managed to convince them I posed no serious threat to homeland security other than not liking Madden very much, I was waved through and here we are.

Here being a balcony overlooking eight lanes of never less than furious traffic. (Suddenly, switching the tap off while you brush your teeth seems less likely to save the world.) The new-look, slimmed-down, diet E3 actually starts tomorrow, but the main reason I'm out here happens tonight - Killzone 2. Despite not having been shown publicly for two years (although we did get a glimpse at the Games Developers Conference a couple of months back) the game retains its hype-magnet status. Word is that tonight's presentation, at a swanky cocktail party, will be entirely in-game, with members of the development team on hand to show off the key features.