Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM deployed

Two of thesequeliest games around are finally joining forces and combining their hundred-man resources to deliver the ultimate robot against robot action game. Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM launches late summer for 360 and PS3 and looks to offer everything fans of both series love more than oxygen - wave after wave of mindless enemies to destroy.

Above: No, it's not Chinese warriors against robots. We thought so too

Though we'vepoked fun at both franchises before, the idea of commanding one building-sized robot against a legion of laser sword toting enemies is pretty hot. The screens already have us sold, and Japanese reviews speak highly of its action-packed gameplay.

You'll be able to play out scenes from the storyline, play as heroes and villains from the long-lived series and unlock extra Mobile Suits as the game wears on. If you're hungry for more, check out one of the Dynasty games, as they're all pretty much the same game. Expect GUNDAM to be a whole lot like it, only infinitely cooler due to hordes of robots. Big 'bots will always be better than ancient Chinese warlords.

May 10, 2007

Brett Elston

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