Dying Light 2 reacts to your good and bad decisions - with a clever way of rewriting costly mistakes

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Dying Light 2 is one of 2020's most-wanted releases and gives you complete control over not only the game's branching story, but the world around you. What you say and do - or don't do - will alter character progression, dialogue options and reshape the game world. Every player will live in a different version of its open-world environment The City and even 'bad' decisions can lead to permanent changes - except at some key junctions where the game will give you a (costly) way to rewrite history, reveals a new interview in Official Xbox Magazine

"I think the biggest thing will be the ability to change the world around you. The moment when you make a decision or you perform some action in the game and you see that the world has changed, you see what kind of power we give you from the actions to the decisions you make," says Dying Light 2's Lead Designer Tymon Smektala. "So sometimes in crucial moments for the narrative where we feel there’s a space for you to think back and realise that maybe what you decided to do wasn’t the thing you really wanted to do, even if that’s not a ‘good’ thing... there are a couple of instances where we give you a chance to rewrite those decisions."

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Unlike some games, this won't be a case of tapping 'restart' to start afresh, but allowing you to correct things through skill and hard graft. "It’s not like you can like go back to the moment of that decision and just change it," Smektala told Official Xbox Magazine. "You need to do some additional stuff, like complete a couple of extra missions, to fix the things that you think you wronged. But apart from those rare instances, all of the decisions are permanent."

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