DVD Wii details later this year

Nintendo has said in a consumer email that it will give further details of a DVD playing Wii in "the latter half of 2007."

Nintendo and Sonic Solutions revealed last year that both companies would team up and launch a DVD playing Wii at some point in the future. A Go Nintendo reader sent the Big N an email asking about its new model of Wii coming with DVD playback and when it will be released.

The response? "As you know, Nintendo and Sonic Solutions have made an agreement to allow Nintendo the use of Sonic Solutions' DVD technology in a future version of the Wii console. However, launch details, like where (regions or countries) it will sell, release date, or price (although it will be more expensive than the original version) are currently unavailable and won't be revealed until sometime in the latter half of 2007. It will not be available as an add-on attachment."

The email then goes on to deter anyone owning a DVD player (but let's face it, who doesn't?) from buying the new Wii. "For those who already own a DVD player at home, the launch version of Wii will be the best choice. This version of the console is more affordable and you'll be able to enjoy Wii games immediately."

March 6, 2007