Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners is a furiously fast-action RPG that'll have you hacking 'n' slashing in a hurry. Each zone is run as a mini-instance and generated randomly, making it a unique experience every time you jump into the Whispering Wood.

Obviously heavily influenced by Diablo, Dungeon Runners offers solo-slashing party-of-one simplicity that makes it extremely accessible for casual gamers in search of a quick thrill. Also calling itself an MMO, Dungeon Runners will provide instanced dungeons that will automatically scale for small parties that want to band together.

Newbie friendliness is increased even further by eliminating any sort of death penalty and letting your character bounce from server to server to join online friends at will. A great deal of the game will be accessible for free, but the developers haven't yet announced how they plan to section things off and get paid for their efforts.