Drew Barrymore feels ruff

Drew Barrymore has been brushing up her vocal chops recently, making appearances in the cinematic Curious George and on the goggle box as a dim girlfriend in Family Guy. Now she’s leashed her tonsil talents to South Of The Border, Disney’s new Babe-style live-action comedy.

Barrymore’s signed on to voice the lead in a story that sees a Beverly Hills Chihuahua (thinks Paris Hilton’s pets) called Chloe who lives a life of luxury and is so lazy that she travels around in her owner (Piper Perabo)’s purse. But when get lost on a holiday in Mexico, she needs some help to get home.

So who’s she gonna annoy and then work with? There’s Andy Garcia, as a former police German shepherd who lost his sense of smell and will to live, Salma Hayek as Chloe’s spirit guide who helps her reclaim her heritage and George Lopez as Papi, a love struck Chihuahua with a serious case of the Pepe Le Pews for Chloe.

Also giving their voices to various animal are the likes of Edward James Olmos, Paul Rodriguez and - we kid you not - Opera belter Placido Domingo. Raja Gosnell’s behind the camera.

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