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DreamHack Gaming Festival Tips in 30 Seconds

DreamHack Gaming Festival (opens in new tab) is taking place April 7 - 9 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. We know you’re busy, so we want to get you prepped with some DreamHack tips and tricks. The video takes 30 seconds, but the article is as fast as you can read. 

The Rocket League Winter Major (opens in new tab)will be there, featuring teams like Oxygen Sports, Karmine Corp, and Gaimin Gladiators. This requires a $10 add-on ticket and the initial batch went so quickly, they had to open up more sections. The RLCS Winter Major has $310,000 up for grabs and, once you feel the hype of an in-person tournament, you’ll be glad you were there. 

TIP: In Rocket League, always remain in the action when rotating back. It’s easy to go on autopilot, but don’t be fooled - a properly timed bump can change all the momentum.

DreamHack Gaming Festival

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There’s $100,000 at stake in various prize pools for fighting games. Let’s break those down.

A $70,000 prize pool for Brawlhalla!
TIP: In Brawlhalla, you must master the timing of your dash. It can break combos, disengage you from opponents, and (most importantly) keep you on that platform.

$11,000 across two Super Smash Bros. games!
TIP: Go through training sessions without using your special moves. Work on spot dodging to stay ahead of the game.

$5,000 for Guilty Gear Strive!
TIP: Pay attention to the Wall Break. The Tension Meter boost is nice, but is it worth letting your opponent out of a corner?

In addition, there’s cash on the line in games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, and Skull Girls. Get to training and get in the money.

The Snapdragon Pro Series Powered by Samsung Galaxy is the world’s largest multi-game mobile esports competition and we’ll have $50,000 on the line in Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans. Come by their booth for some swag and watch some of the best mobile gamers in the world.
TIP: When playing Brawl Stars, take out pets first. Lowers their value.

To top it all off, there will be a quarter of a million dollars at stake in prize pools for DreamHack’s Fortnite tournament. With $250,000 up for grabs, bring your best aim to DreamHack and make sure you’re the last person standing.
TIP: Be paranoid and cover your tracks. The difference between winning and losing can be as simple as closing a door behind you.

If you need something more tactile, there are going to be over 1,500 people in attendance for our Magic: The Gathering competitions. Qualify for the regional tournament on Friday and be playing for the $130,000 Regional Championship on Saturday. Can’t make it Friday? No worries. There are two $10,000 open tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.
TIP: Got a kid who you think would enjoy Magic, but don’t know how to get them started? Magikids will be hosting “Learn to Play” sessions at DreamHack. Get them started at the festival!

DreamHack isn’t just a gaming festival, though. They’re working to do good through their Dream Big initiative, where half of ticket proceeds go directly to San Diego Autism Center. They’ll be hosting celebrity meet and greets and mini-tournaments featuring people like Fuslie, Anjali Bhimani, and Straw Hat Goofy.

DreamHack Gaming Festival

(Image credit: DreamHack Gaming Festival)

That doesn’t even touch on the rest of the fest. There’s an arcade with over 50 cabinets, artists alley, BYOC lan parties, cosplay, panels, expo, music, and more!

TIP: If you want to take a photo of someone in cosplay, remember to ask first and get their permission. Unless it’s a heck yes, it’s a heck no.

If you’re not able to make it to San Diego on April 7th through 9th, put June 2nd through 4th on your calendar for DreamHack Dallas. With 12 festivals in 9 major cities inside 7 countries, DreamHack comes to you.

Tickets for DreamHack are $39 for a one day pass, with a 3 day pass at $95. Use the code COMETODREAMHACK at this link (opens in new tab) to get your tickets today and feel free to stay up to date on what’s next at DreamHack on Twitter (opens in new tab), Facebook (opens in new tab), and Instagram (opens in new tab).