Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

The hugely popular Dragon Quest series comes to the Wii with all the depth and delights you’d expect from one of the world’s most popular RPGs, and with that added bit of magic only Nintendo’s console can bring. The Wii-flourish, as you might expect, entails controlling the swordplay with the Wiimote, including parrying attacks. Also, Akira Toriyama - the mastermind behind Dragon BallZ- reprises his role in working on the series'character designs (observe the trademark spiky hair so often seen on Saiyan heads).

The gamer sees events from a first-person perspective, being dragged around on rails much like in a lightgun game. The angle of the blade attack is determined by the angle of the remote, while parries have to be executed while holding down the A button. As a warrior, your first concern is to make the most of your sword, so you have to depend on other members of your team to use magic. The actual game mechanics are very similar to Kenshin Dragon Quest, which was a simple motion-sensing TV plug-in game released in 2003, and Swords can be seen a sort ofsequelto this.