Don't worry, Resident Evil 3 safe rooms ARE safe, confirms Capcom

(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has confirmed that - despite early reports - the Nemesis will definitely not be able to enter Resident Evil 3's designated safe rooms, and we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief. The big bad of Resident Evil 3 is certainly relentless, and can and will break down doors in his pursuit of Jill, but thankfully certain areas are still off-limits to the big bully.

In this month's Official Xbox Magazine's hands-on preview of the game, OXM reported on needing to dodge past the Nemesis when he broke into a room with a progress-saving typewriter. This location was not, in fact, a designated safe room. The clue's in the music, as is traditional in the Resi franchise - and not all save points are in safe rooms. 

OXM will have more confirmation from Capcom next week on just how big a threat the Nemesis poses in Resident Evil 3, plus clarification on Jill's use of the Raccoon City subway, and more on just what iconic monsters we can expect to return from the original 1999 game.

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Chris Burke

Chris is the former Editor of OXM, and a 'seasoned' games journolist (ie: old). He finds himself obsessed with Red Dead and Resident Evil, and remembers when gamers weren't cool. Chris is now a freelance writer, production editor, and copywriter for a number of different websites and magazines.