Doctor Who: Top Trumps review

Call a doctor - this game is dead

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    Top Trumps foundation

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    Special powers

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    Dr. Who!


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    Dr. Who = card game?

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    Way too much left to chance

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    Uninspired graphics and music

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The flaw in trying to turn a game of chance into a videogame is just that. It’s a game of chance. And nothing is more insulting than watching the computer draw an endless succession of winning statistics. Even when you think you’re near victory, the buggering AI will suddenly hit a ten-card streak. It’s not even slightly entertaining.

Above: All images in this article are from the PS2 version

Sure, Top Trumps tries to jazz things up by introducing special powers such as Name Scan, Energize (boosts a random stat by 25%) and Transporter (swaps to your next card), but they’re all as pointless as a chocolate welding iron. There are also minigames, such as Hi/Lo and Memory Matrix, but unless you’re a huge fan of Dr. Who, they’re just exercises in randomised futility. The only way you’ll find this worthwhile is if you were to view it as a test of how long you can endure the tiresomely looped theme tune. Probably not very long, we guess.

Jun 4, 2008

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DescriptionCBBC's Doctor Who meets the time-honored British card game of Top Trumps. Let the card cliches and exterminate references ensue.
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