Doctor Lautrec & the Forgotten Knights gets browser demo

Konami has released an online demo for its upcoming solve-'em-up, Doctor Lautrec & the Forbidden Knights. The preview bundles a few of the game's puzzles and early plot sequences, giving players a taste of what to expect when the 3DS title's released in the US this December. Click here to try a simulation so realistic, it's like you're really playing on a 3DS, in 2D, with no buttons.

Above: This is a bit like having Guile moan about having to punch yet another opponent in the head

The demo includes a variety of the puzzles to be found in Doctor Lautrec, from spot-the-difference pictures to those games of Minesweeper that were so common in the tombs of 16th-century French aristocrats. There's further variety to be found in the game proper, including more of the gameplay mechanics that separate Doctor Lautrec from its obvious point of comparison, Level-5's Professor Layton series. However, until American players get a chance to go hands-on with the 3DS cartridge proper, this is a pretty good taste of what's to come. Find out more on the game in our preview from earlier this year.