Djimon Hounsou gets into The Trunk

Djimon Hounsou might be able to wield a sword with the best of them, but what’s his musical ability like? Can he carry a tune the way he carries a gun?

According to his next job, he can. He’s just signed on to star in The Trunk, which Sylvain White (Stomp The Yard) will direct.

Joseph A Elmore Jr’s script sees Hounsou’s musical genius about to break out of the harsh life he’s forced to endure in the inner city, Hustle & Flow-style. But then he discovers that some of his closest friends are trying anything to keep him down and stop him leaving.

Those friends include the likes of Brick’s Brian White, Love And Basketball’s Boris Kodjoe, with King Kong thesp Thomas Kretschmann also joining the cast. White and his crew will start shooting The Trunk later this year in San Francisco, while Hounsou will next be seen doing the sword thang in Eragon and running for his life with Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond.