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The Division devs offer up some tips for the open beta

The Division open beta starts tomorrow on Xbox One (then on Friday for PC and PS4), and now you can get ready to survive the urban epidemic with some disaster preparedness films from Ubisoft. Alright, maybe this open beta trailer won't tell you to avoid crowded spaces and stockpile clean water, but it will get you psyched up for flamethrower fights.

These beta tips from the developers at Ubisoft Massive are a bit more practical. One of the first things I did in the closed beta was turn on the option to auto-hide my health bar and ammo when outside of combat, as UI designer Annora Schoorl recommends. I actually enjoy The Division's augmented-reality style interface, but it takes up too much screen space outside of combat. Better to have an unobstructed view of those beautifully slushy Manhattan streets.

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Connor Sheridan
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