Looks like The Division's delayed beta will kick off this month

The Division's beta will kick off some time before the end of this month, according to Ubisoft's Uplay app. The beta was originally supposed to launch back in December for all Xbox One owners, though that got bumped back in favor of a smaller-scale alpha for Xbox One owners who had pre-ordered the game.

The Uplay app currently has three "Actions" listed for The Division, one of which is rewarded for taking part in a closed beta this month (first spotted by WCCFTech). Embedded below is the listing, straight from my phone. As an aside, I really dislike Uplay/Ubisoft Club because I seem to encounter a new problem every time I try to log in; I ended up having to make a new account just to verify this. But you know what? You're worth it.

The app says it's a closed beta, so you'll probably still need a pre-order code to access it, like in the Xbox One alpha. The beta was originally planned to launch first on Xbox One. But since the alpha took its place back in December, it's less clear how that will shake out for the January beta.

The actual start date for the beta is also unspecified, though an online retailer allegedly indicated it would begin on January 29 in an exchange with a Reddit user user. That was in reference to the game's PC version, so the beta may hit Xbox One before then. The Division is still planned for release on March 8.

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