Ditto has morphed into a chair for your home

Ditto Chair
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Not content with shapeshifting into other creatures, Ditto will be morphing into a chair for your own home next year.

You can see the Ditto chair which, yes, is a real thing, just below. The chair itself is only retailing from Japanese website Cellutane right now, and sells for right around 25,000 Yen (approximately $250).

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I'm not really convinced about the Ditto chair for two reasons. One, Ditto is soft and squidgy to the touch, so I'd expect to sink right through the poor Pokemon if I plonked myself down on it. Secondly, I'm pretty sure this is a one-way ticket to back troubles, which is just about the last thing any of us need, coming out of 2020 and looking ahead into a fresh new year.

Either way, this is hardly the most egregious bit of Pokemon merchandise you could have around your home. That award might well be going to this swole Pikachu statue that I've just found, a 15cm tall monstrosity that transports the horror of muscular Pikachu straight from the internet and into your home. Look, I like Pikachu as much as the next person, but I don't want a statue of Pikachu with the abs of Dwayne Johnson in my home, ready to beat the crap out of me in my sleep.

This could just be the beginning of Pokemon's planned 25th anniversary celebrations next year in 2021. It's hard to imagine the franchise is almost as old as me, but The Pokemon Company teased at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade last month that we should expect some big surprises next year.

For our look back on 25th years of the historic franchise, head over to our best Pokemon games for a list of the very best entries the series has ever produced.

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