Dishonored 2 lets you play how you want, so watch the same level beaten three different ways

Dishonored 2 is adding plenty of cool new features, but it's also keeping a lot of what made the first game fun. That means letting players choose how they want to approach a mission, and giving them the opportunity to leave the city in measurably low or high chaos. Bethesda has released two videos of Dishonored 2's Clockwork Mansion level, one showing off a high chaos playthrough and one showing off a low chaos run.

Check 'em out and compare for yourself how differently the game can be played depending on your choices:

Of course, these are relatively choreographed recordings, made by the people who know the game most intimately. What does it look like when a gamer gets their hands on Dishonored 2 and makes their way through the mansion for the first time? Something like our playthrough, which you can watch below:

The first time I played Dishonored, I ended up with a high chaos rating, as I slashed and burned my way through the city of Dunwall. My second time 'round, I challenged myself to not only keep my chaos level low, but to not upgrade even a single one of my powers. Both methods were fun, and hopefully the same will hold true for Dishonored 2 when it launches on November 11.

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