Disgruntled Gears of War 2 player sends his disc back to Epic in pieces

Cliff Bleszinski posted this picture of a broken Gears of War 2 disc on his Twitter account. But what in the world could possess a gamer to snap his copy of Gears of War 2 in half and post the pieces back to Epic Games?There are a couple of clues...

Above: Either this is an insane coincidence, or that's a joke address. Microsoftwon't be taking any chances

Yes, it seems that Marcus Fenix himself has had enough of lag in Gears of War2 and finally snapped. It's debatable exactly how fast an internet connection he could have expected living in 'Laggy Lane, Lagsville, Florida' so maybe he's being a bit hard on Epic by blaming them.

That said, Cliffy B has responded on Twitter saying that he totally agrees that lag sucks and that we can expect something very soon on this issue. It's either a new online patch or simply 'wait forGears of War 3'.

But how bad is the lag in Gears 2 online? Sure, it had its problems at launch and the gamehas beenwell known for its various glitches and exploits in multiplayer, but the majority of those are patched now.But if Cliffy B says there's a problem, then surely there's a problem. That said, there seems to be a practical reason for the disc being snapped in half that points to logic rather than rage:

That disc was never going to fit in that envelope.

Are you still playing Gears 2 online? Got any lag issues? Let us know in the comments

23 Sep, 2010


Justin Towell

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