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Dialogue Options | What features should all games have?

Have you ever played a game and thought ‘this would be perfect, if only…’? This week, US managing editor Rachel Weber, editor Alyssa Mercante, and video producer Ellen Causey sit down to talk about their ‘if only’s’- the little features they love in games, that they think every game should have. Whether it makes their time in the game easier or makes them feel more involved in the world the game has built.

From the ability to automatically pick up ammo (because, c’mon, when would you ever choose to leave ammo behind?!) to a home hub for your protagonist to escape to after a quest, we’ve spent enough time in different games to have developed a pretty extensive wishlist of features that help bring games to the next level.


In this episode of Dialogue Options, Alyssa gets to the bottom (literally) of why Fortnite gives you a third-person view, Rachel makes a convincing case for sidekicks to be replaced with animal companions, and Ellen and Alyssa fawn over the silver blue-haired Iskra skin on the Call of Duty: Warzone battle pass. They also discuss whether Geralt’s horse Roach is a pet or a (glitchy) four-legged vehicle, and the benefits and downsides to skipping cutscenes and NPC dialogue.

Let us know what features you think all games should have in the comments here, or on our Youtube video, and make sure to check back in two weeks for another Dialogue Options!

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