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Retro Gamer magazine issue 229 is on sale now and highlights 30 games that pushed the technological boundaries of the SNES. Additionally a number of classic coders, from Chris Sutherland and Nick Jones to John Romero and Steve Lycett reveal the Super Nintendo hits that impressed them back in the day.

“I remember stopping dead in my tracks on seeing Axelay for the first time,” Steve Lycett revealed. “It just seemed to be doing the impossible! The smooth 3D effect as you blasted up the screen, huge bosses and just layers upon layers of transparency.” Paul Davies, editor of Nintendo Magazine System also remembers Konami’s game fondly. “Konami conjured everything the SNES was capable of all at once,” he tells us. Mode 7 insanity from the clouds and swooping alien craft in stage 1, through the stomping ‘Ed-209’ boss and heat-hazy lava pools.” You can find out what other games made the final list by reading the issue.

In addition to our huge 10-page SNES feature we also look at the SNES classic Pilotwings, reveal the best games to play on the Commodore 64 and highlight the best titles you can currently play on the Spectrum Next. We also go behind the scenes of Gargoyles, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King and discover how Gremlin coders worked on the first three Top Gear games for KEMCO. Other highlights include a chat with Rare staff about the popular Battletoads games and an in-depth review of Analogue’s new Pocket console.

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