Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal doubling size by 2015

Eidos Montreal is poised to become one of the largest studios in Canada, pending a grant from the Quebec government that will give the Square Enix company the cash it requires to double its size by 2015.

As reported in the french publication LaPresseAffaires, Eidos Montreal has secured a $2 million subsidy from Investissement Québec (aka Invest Quebec, the provincial government's international investment arm) and is planning to use the money to increase its current staff size of 330 to 680 by the end of 2015, starting with 100 new employees next year. If successful, Eidos Montreal would become the third largest video game studio in Montreal behind EA and Ubisoft, which are reported to employ nearly 3,000 developers combined.

No doubt, the success of Square Enix's first Montreal developed title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has given the Japan-based publisher even more motivation to invest in its Canadian offspring. And then, the fact Quebec's tax credits cover 37.5% of the cost of gaming studio salaries is also a nice little extra. Mock our extra vowels and beavers all you want, but Canada is quickly becoming a key player in the industry. Eh?

Sept 2, 2011

Source: Develop, Montreal Gazette

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