Deus Ex creator: I want to make stupidly complicated games

Warren Spector wants to make stupidly complicated games, he says.

"The problem for me is that I don't want to do little games, I don't want to do casual games," the industry luminary and Junction Point Studios boss toldDevelopin response to a question about the rise of small start-up studios in today's big-budget climate.

Spector's Junction Point was acquired by Disney in 2007, and part of the reason for the acquisition he says was that it allowed him to pursue personal development goals and compete in the big-budget arena.

"I want to make big, epic, stupidly complicated, really hard to make, frightening to develop sort-of games," Spector continued.

"And right now, if you're a Valve, you can be an independent developer and be just fine. There's a handful of companies that have infrastructure and teams and track records, but for a start-up right now, competing in the triple-A space - I'd be worried. And I was there, and that was part of my reasoning for joining Disney."

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 20, 2008