Destiny 2's Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds raid lairs get Prestige difficulty

Another week, another detailed update from Destiny 2 HQ about the most recent changes to the game. Say what you like about Bungie and its past mistakes, but then are going all in on community communication. This week the biggest news is Prestige difficulty for two raids, and some changes to crucible.

"In Destiny 2 Update 1.2.3, we will be launching Prestige versions of both Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds raid lairs," says senior raid designer Joe Blackburn "Prestige raid lairs use new activity modifiers and a new system of curated loadouts to challenge you in new and exciting ways each week."

What does that mean for loot? Each Prestige raid lair has a set of unique armor ornaments, and a Masterwork catalyst. Blackburn also explains the new 400 Power weapons.

"The only way to get 400 Power weapons before Forsaken is by completing Prestige Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds. Every time you complete all the encounters in a Prestige raid lair that week, you will be rewarded a 400 Power raid weapon. This can be any raid weapon from Destiny 2, not just the weapons that drop in that raid lair."

As for Crucible, Bungie is "removing Supremacy from the pool of available game modes," in Quickplay - it doesn't say why - and you'll be able to earn Valor from more playlists. 

"There are many more changes to Destiny 2 coming in July," promises Bungie. "We’ll be giving a few more Patch Notes previews leading up to release, providing developer insights and commentary when possible.'

The Destiny 2 1.2.3 update will be released on July 17.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is coming out on September 4 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Read more about it here.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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