This Destiny 2 launch trailer isn't messing around (okay, Cayde is holding a chicken, I take it back)

Update: Here's the full-length trailer. It starts out pretty serious, with main villain Ghaul torturing The Speaker and members of the Vanguard talking all solemn about how bad things look... and then Cayde holds a chicken and offers hugs. It's pretty great:

Original story: Destiny 2 is just around the corner. In just a little over two weeks, you'll be able to return to lose all your gear and the special powers granted to you by The Traveller while a giant rhino alien and his legion burn your home to the ground. Sounds like a good time, huh?

Whether you've already pre-ordered your copy or are just catching up, Bungie would like you to get hype one last time before the game launches on September 6. And honestly, they've come up with a pretty neat little marketing opportunity by tying in the debut of a launch trailer on Solar Eclipse Day 2017. "A day without Light" - get it?

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Right now we've just got that Twitter tease, but stay tuned for the full reveal at 11am Pacific.

Sam Prell

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