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Democracy 2 review

Full-time flip-flopping


  • Realistic and complex options
  • Fun hides educational value
  • Thought-provoking strategy


  • Little going on visually
  • No multiplayer
  • Appeals to niche gamers

First there was Democracy, and now there%26rsquo;s two of it. That%26rsquo;s right: the game of trying to stay in power thanks to the whim of the masses is back and much improved.

The core remains the same: your political world is divided into a network of issues and policies that interact as you change your emphasis on them. How much money you spend on law and order will have knock-on effects, such as demands for increases in taxing, or making your citizens feel a little less free. Adjusting and balancing policies is what makes Democracy 2 tick, and it%26rsquo;s astoundingly compulsive. Can you really hang on to power by taking a hard line against hippies? Maybe, if your voters are mainly conservatives.

More Info

DescriptionThink you can run a country? Democracy 2 puts your grasp of government to the test with topics like stem cell research, binge-drinking, climate change, prostitution, unemployment, and even the death penalty.
Release date28 January 2008 (US), (UK)