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Deadpool makes one chimichanga-licious fan-made Disney Infinity figure

You just can't keep a good idea down. Even with the death of Disney's video game business, Disney Infinity continues to inspire fans. Case in point: Artist Hector Moran, who came up with some very slick (and nostalgic) X-Men designs, as well as a real-life Deadpool figure that can sit alongside his Marvel brothers and sisters. 

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Of course, even if Disney hadn't shut down the Infinity series, I find it highly unlikely that these toys would have ever been made officially. For one, the film rights to Deadpool and the X-Men are currently held by Twentieth Century Fox, so there's little reason for Disney to promote a competitor. Second, the MCU films might get a little violent at times, but they're never as dirty and bathed in blood as Deadpool. A toy based on an R-rated film? What is this, 1995?

Say what you want about the games themselves, but you can't argue that the Disney Infinity figures were anything but excellent toys, worthy of display. The high-quality construction and stylish designs made them stand apart, and fans clamored for more figures to add to their collection. So to Mr. Moran, I say bless you for continuing their legacy. And uh, if you're reading this, how much do you want for 'em?

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