Dead Rising

Five Stars

Xbox 360 (£49.99)

You’re Frank West, devil-may-care freelance photographer. Desperate for the scoop that’ll finally make heat take notice, you end up fighting for your very life in a mall overrun by the shambling undead. Cripes, what’s a journo to do?

But it’s not just zombies – the mall is littered with everything from sniper rifle-toting families to an army of cultists holed up in a cinema. Send them and the roving revenants back to Hell armed with weapons from samurai swords and chainsaws to pizzas, parasols, even a football. Zidane eat your heart out.

Better still, there are tons of innocent civilians. If Frank chooses to aid them, it could well impact upon the many story arcs. Or you could always just snap away with your camera while passers-by have their faces chewed off... With affectionate and icky nods to everything from Night Of The Living Dead to Braindead (scything the Z-men down with a mower!), this game will give you the time of your undead life. It’s tastier than a mouthful of fresh brains.

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