It's not all footwork though. A few missions in and we were sent out for extermination duty on the back of a crop-dusting hovercraft, and a lot of missions see you leaping on board the game's varied garage of vehicles. The piloting business never feels laborious, with tight turning circles and another set of easy controls. Overall, combat and movement - on foot or on board vehicles - is responsive, straightforward stuff.

Developer Ready at Dawn stresses that it wanted to create a "portable PS2 game," and Daxter really does look fantastic; in a clean-up at a nearby construction site your surroundings stretch out for miles from where you stand. And down at the docks, which fans of the Jak games will immediately recognise, the view is eye-opening.

Naughty Dog, the creator of Jak & Daxter, might not have been involved with this handheld outing, but Daxter has the same visual style and humour, and the mouthy hairball is as inappropriate as ever with his quips.

The only problem we found was that the camera has an occasionally annoying tendency to get caught on the scenery, although there's a first-person view that works well if you need to get a better visual outlook of the area.

Daxter is out on 14 April, and it's looking like becoming a perfect example of how much potential PSP has. We'll have a full review for you very soon.

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