Darker, grittier Mega Man Online trailer brings murder, street riots and the deaths of millions

The Mega Man franchise has greatly fluctuated between light and dark over the years, the original games making up the former toneand the X and Zero sagas making up the latter. Being a mash-up of all Mega Man eras, we expected the tone of the upcoming Korean MMO Mega Man Online (MMO MMO?) to be pretty eclectic, but yikes, does this anime trailer imply very serious business indeed. It's epic, it's bleak, and it implies that the game is going to take in an apocalypse roughly every 15 minutes.

Though surprisingly,I might actually love it a bit. In factI'm pretty sure it's incredibly badass. InI'm we're pretty sureI want it turned into a full-length movie instead of a game. Immediately. Tell me what you think.